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ADL Solutions prides herself in the most effective approach to meeting clients’ specific needs following industry best practices and exploring the best technology.

Our areas of expertise include but not limited to:

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ADL Solutions offers the best Active and Passive maintenance for telecommunication sites. This entails the management of the active network components – cell site radios and their accessories, network monitoring and maintenance, security surveillance (alarm) systems, power generator routine/ schedule maintenance and monitoring; installation, repair and servicing of air-conditioners; diesel supply and monitoring, general electromechanical maintenance. Leveraging on the latest technology of our Smart Hub Controller, ADL Solutions limited not only guarantees a perfect monitoring solution but also enhanced cell site battery life as well as generator efficiency.

The need for operational and field monitoring of the status of fibre optic cable infrastructure in a country with rapid social infrastructure development cannot be over emphasised. ADL Solutions has developed processes and procedures for managing fibre and cable infrastructure over its contiguous span across the routes under maintenance. Technical response teams are maintained while proactive monitoring tools are planned into the support programme. In addition, ADL Solutions cooperates with the operator to ensure that the corporate social responsibility (CSR) angle that is crucial in averting incidence of malicious arson is addressed.

Activities of ADL Solutions teams in deployment of fibre optic cable network are grouped in line with the resource requirements and competence effectiveness in fast tracking attainment of contracted goals of the client.

These processes cover activities from survey/design, planning to the field trenching, up to duct laying, fibre blowing, and fibre termination and testing.

The activities performed are essentially grouped into team activities as shown in the classification below

Survey, design and network planning team

  • Government agencies approval community liaison services team
  • Logistics and procurement services team
  • Structural analysis and Civil construction team
  • Road crossing and thrust boring team
  • Excavation, duct laying and backfilling team
  • Duct calibration and Fibre blowing team
  • Splicing, testing and termination team
  • Commissioning and documentation services team

The size and duration of involvement of each of these teams depend on the scale and schedule for the contracted project.

Some of the work processes and quality of the in-field activities are demonstrated in the subsequent part of this section.

Technical Solution for telecommunications transmission links at distances up to 80Km point to point can be provided by modern digital Microwave Radio Systems.

Planning and developing a Microwave System in a wireless carrier environment is a dynamic and continuous process. A typical Microwave Radio terminal or node consists of three major components: an indoor mounted unit, an indoor or outdoor mounted RF transceiver and a parabolic antenna.

Each terminal or node transmits and receives information to and from the opposite terminal or node simultaneously providing full duplex operation.

Under this service platform, ADL Solutions leverages on the expertise of her key staff to provide robust services in planning and executing Microwave Radio Systems for her Clients.

Under this service offering, ADL Solutions can partner with the operator or vendor to design/survey and install the Microwave links for access (outdoor) and backbone networks (outdoor and indoor as may be applicable). This service covers line of sight (LOS) survey, path profiling and up to physical installation and commissioning

The maintenance of cell site facilities is a crucial activity for economic viability of any mobile and telecommunications network operator. ADL Solutions is in a position to provide effective operations and maintenance support to the facilities at the cell sites including,

  • Electrical power (Mains) and generators,
  • Access security/surveillance
  • Radio Base Station (RBS),
  • DC power system
  • Air conditioning and cooling subsystems

Under this service package, ADL Solutions offers to provide a comprehensive support service to customer cell site and its installed systems. The service offering under this bouquet include electric power generator maintenance, diesel supply and usage monitoring, security and surveillance system and services, building and shelter facilities management services.

With a clear focus on operability and reliability of the telecommunications subsystems, site selection, tower foundation and tower installation are delivered with singular focus on gaining coverage and precise line of sight advantage for the base station and radio links destined for this location. Civil and mechanical precision and strength of the tower infrastructure are sine-qua-non for long term survivability and economic operation of the site.These principles form the bed rock of the service offering of ADL Solutions in the area of Cell site infrastructure and RF installation.

This service may include the installation of towers (including all associated civil works), electric power generators, adaptation of alternative energy sources to the cell sites and installation of Radio Frequency (RF) cable and gantry system as well as the Radio Base Station (RBS) equipment and their commissioning.

Deployment of cell site civil, mechanical and base station infrastructures is an integrated engineering undertaking. The skills sets for the installers appear similar to what applies in other engineering activities such as electrical, civil and mechanical. However, the key distinction is the patience, operational efficiency and focus of all activities on operability and reliability of the telecommunications subsystems at that location.

ADL Solutions undertakes construction of fibre optic cable networks for long haul and metro networks. The processes for construction of fibre optic network links in Nigeria received significant contribution from some of the principal officers

This includes civil works technical site survey (TSS), site design, tower foundation design and construction, supply and installation of towers and complete cell site civil works.

This service involves the installation of GSM antennas, Radio Frequency cables and their associated electromechanical accessories, Pre-commissioning checks - Standing Wave Ratio test (Cell Site Sweep Test), deployment of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) - installation and commissioning.

ADL Solutions partners the operator and the equipment vendor based on the operator’s specific requirements in the planning, installation and commissioning of microwave radios of different specifications and configurations. This service includes the microwave frequency planning, line of site survey, generation of path profiles and total link budget. ADL Solutions prides itself asone of the few Nigerian companies that successfully deploy complicated long haul MW links of different vendors like Ericsson, Huawei and Aviat.