Quality Assurance


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Quality Assurance System

The primary objective of ADL Solutions is to provide quality services that meet all stakeholders’ expectations. Against this backdrop, the company has placed a high premium on quality and has continuously maintained its untainted record by its strict adherence to the quality standards. Delivering consistent results is at the core of our quality assurance procedures and this has been made possible by all our staffs because they know the company’s quality standards and how to achieve them.

ADL Solutions implements the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) Quality Steps. ). In the Plan step, the desired goals for our service are set and we define the process of achieving them. The Do step is our implementation of the plan. As soon as our service is being delivered, we Check to ensure that it is meeting the standards set in the Plan step. The Act step requires our team to make necessary corrections in the case of any variation. Our quality Assurance System has ensured that our services are always professional, relevant, practicable and above all, meet customers’ expectation.

Defining Quality

Quality assurance relies on a strict definition of what is acceptable and not acceptable from a product or service. In ADL Solutions, the minutest variation from the customer’s required standard is not tolerated; thanks to the perfect understanding of our quality standards by all our employees.

Measuring Quality

Measuring the quality that is delivered is critical for consistent results. Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control Team is always on the alert as it relates to quality, measuring the entire process and every staff is carried along to ensure zero slippage on quality standards.

Improving Quality

ADL Solutions believes that "There is always room for improvement," when it comes to quality assurance. Over the years, our business has been kept on the cutting edge because we have kept defining and implementing process improvement.

At ADL Solutions, a project is not considered completed until the customer’s positive feedback (indicating total satisfaction on the delivered service) has been received and the lessons learned on process improvement documented. Over the years, we have maintained an excellent quality service delivery to all our customers and this has been made possible by our strict adherence to our quality standards.