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Health, Safety and Environment Policy
We believe that a strong Health, Safety and Environment policy is an indispensable part of efficient and profitable business management. It is therefore our resolve to continuously maintain our HSE standards and strive to be the industrial leader in the health, safety and environment protection practices by:

  • Creating a conducive working environment where accident will be reduced to zero and in which employees and the public are not exposed to health hazards
  • Improve the environment performance of our facilities by avoiding toxic and harmful emission. New facilities and plants used will incorporate the most efficient pollution control techniques.
  • Communicate openly with those living within the vicinity of our facilities to ensure their understanding of our operations and our understanding of their concerns
  • Meet all regulatory and client standard for health, safety and environment
  • Protect our clients’ and ADL Solutions’ physical assets

The policy applies to all ADL Solutions’ staff, and all activities over which our company has control.


Fire Precautions:
ADL Solutions has substantial investment in its buildings, equipment etc. It is therefore pertinent to protect this investment against losses due to fire. It is also of paramount importance to ensure that no person is at risk due to fire or explosion.

Suitable fire fighting equipment are provided as adequate protection against these hazards and these equipment, together with fire alarm system, emergency exits and muster points will be maintained All level of staff will receive training in basic fire protection procedures as well as fire fighting methods.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the causes and nature of fire
  • Knowledge and use of fire extinguishers
  • Understanding of evacuation procedures in case of emergency
  • Exhibition of calm behaviour in order to eliminate panic
  • Ability to recognize and operate the different types of extinguishers for various classes of fire.


First Aid:

  • Approved medical kits will be provided in our offices and site.
  • Injured personnel will receive First Aid treatment immediately.
  • The company will retain the services of approved medical facilities in Lagos and its branches or site.


The company recognizes that safety training is an integral and important part of its policy. Such training will be given on a continuous basis. No person will be employed on site unless he has received adequate training in order to understand the hazard and risk involved and precaution to be taken.
The company also recognizes that essential to the success of its safety policy, all sectors of management should receive the training necessary to control effectively the areas under their jurisdiction.

It is the duty of our Company to ensure the safety of visitor to our premises. Visitors will not be allowed to enter restricted areas unaccompanied and uninformed of any hazard that may exist in that area.

The Project Manager in conjunction with the Company’s HSE Officer will oversee and ensure the adoption and maintenance of adequate standards of safety, health and environment in all operations of ADL Solutions and its partners.